Vintage Steering Wheel Knobs
(Suicide Knobs, Necker Knobs, Brodie Knobs)

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We sell these as collectible items only. We do not and cannot assume any responsibility if you decide to use them in any way. We offer no warranty and only guarantee that our descriptions are accurate and what you see is what you will get. Having said that....We Love seeing them on old cars!!!!.

We recently purchased this collection of  Spinner Knobs from a avid collector. The nearly 200 knobs were acquired over a 25 year span. We will be listing some of them here and the entire collection is on display in our shop.

If there is a knob that you are looking for and don't see on these pages please email me the details and I check our stock.

"I wanted to let you know that I received the wooden steering knob Thursday afternoon and had it in time for my boyfriend's birthday dinner that evening. He was so impressed and he loved it! Thank you so much!"


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1940's, 50's and 60's
Vintage Steering Wheel Knobs (Suicide Knobs, Necker Knobs, Brodie Knobs)

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Hollywood Great Dane Steering Knob

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Casco Buterscotch Bakelite Steering Knob

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Snow Craggs Butterscotch Bakelite Steering Knob
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Black, Gray and White Swirl Plasic Steering Knob
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Casco Red Swirl Steering Knob

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Sunlay Swivel Steering Knob
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Tan Steering Knob with Two Metal Straps
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Rainbow Plastics Dual Strap Steering Knob $45.00
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Dark Plastic Casco Steering Knob

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Bakelite Steering Wheel Knob

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Early Bakelite Sinko Steering Wheel Knob

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Casco Tan Plastic Steering Wheel Knob
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What's in a name?

Steering wheel knobs where used to help turn the large, non-power steering equipped cars and trucks and as people started personalizing their cars knobs became more of a statement in addition to being a tool.

The term 'Suicide Knob' most likely refered to the unfortunate result of getting the knob stuck in your sleeve while driving.

'Necker Knob' was derived from the added feature of being able to steer with one hand and, in the days of bench seats, put your arm around your favorite girl.

I am still trying to find the origin of the term 'Brodie Knob,' possibly spelled Brody.

I would be interested in obtaining any other names and information, like sales catalogs or pictures on old cars. Please email me.

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